Believe in Yourself: The Solopreneur’s Guide to Success

Once Walter Scott “Success or failure in business is caused more by the mental attitude even than by mental capacities.”  This is the real essence of solopreneurship. Calling yourself a solopreneur is easy, Not being. On the one hand, you have the freedom to work on your own terms, on the other hand, you have to manage sales, marketing, deliverables and customer satisfaction. 

The term is so cool, but not the works. You will suffer from anxiety, depression and burnt. Still, you have to keep a smile on your face and run. 

Before I proceed further, I would love to let you know, If you want to be a solopreneur forget 9-5, and start building yourself 24*7. But, you need to keep in mind that if you are doing the same thing as 9-5 then you are just doing the upgraded version of 9-5, nothing extraordinary. 

This article is the ultimate resource for you to establish yourself as a solopreneur. 

I felt burnt out so often while establishing myself as a solopreneur, but you won’t. Here is how. 


Seek feedback

Keep asking for feedback, it will improve you. 

But, I would suggest ask ‘better’ people

Set clear boundaries

It takes courage and self-love to know your boundaries. You have to love yourself and value your time. Stop doing what they want, Stop jumping on every call. 

Ask yourself, Does this call/work benefits you?

Will your clients value you? If Yes, go ahead. If no, say ‘NO’

Your time is not for everyone, Who doesn’t value you, You should not value them too.


If it’s high-end work, do it yourself, If it’s cheap, hire folks to make it happen.

You have to be a ‘premium’ solopreneur, You shouldn’t do each and everything. Focus on high-value works. Simple.

[4] Trust in the process

When you will start, You will be uncertain, You will be in pain

Love that. Growth starts from that point.

You will feel like quitting every single day, Stick with it.

Affirmation works the best.

Build relations, Not connections

You can have 10,000 connections, they are just connections. Not your people.

Build an army of people who love you and support you to grow. Not the other way around.

– Spend your quality time with those who help you the most

– If they are in pain, be there in the first place

– DM without anything else in your mind

– Clap for others, they will clap for you

– Be their #1 supporter

– Don’t let them quit

– Never sell anything

Talk about yourself

Tell your story people will appreciate and be inspired by your story

The biggest mindset shift in Solopreneurship

Say no, more often.

Throughout our career we heard, say yes to opportunity, rather you will not be successful.

But no one tells you the truth.

Stop exchanging your life and time with anything else.

Time > Money

If you don’t respect your time, who will?

Detach yourself from any kind of thought which pushes you back, stop your progress.

Employee mindset is automatically embedded.

Solopreneurship mindset has to be cultivated.

If you are going through hell, Keep going, The grass is greener on the other side.

The more you embrace the pain, the more you embrace the uncertainty, You push yourself towards being a successful solopreneur.


I can say it out loud – solopreneurship is hard, but climbing the corporate ladder will take over your life. Choose your ‘hard,’ my friend. Every $10 takes hours of blood, sweat, and tears. But, Once you establish yourself as a premium solopreneur, You will have 4 types of freedom, Time, money, relation, Location. So, are you going to start your solopreneurship journey?

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