Write Value-Driven Copy to Convert Website Visitors

New research shows that over 50% of website visitors will leave a page due to poorly written copy. This highlights the importance of crafting persuasive copy that resonates with your audience.

Most websites make the same copywriting mistakes. They never directly address the customer. Instead, they use insider jargon that goes over people’s heads. They aggressively oversell without providing real value. Or they ramble on without making their point.

Effective copy is all about the customer, not you. To increase the value of your copy, keep the focus on your audience.

Here’s why this matters:

72% of consumers say they focus on clear, concise product descriptions, according to MDG Advertising. Don't bombard people with endless details. Be clear and compact.
Misspelled words reduce visitor retention by 9%, says Cognitive SEO. Typos and errors undermine your credibility. Double check your work.
Pages with poor copy get 55% fewer conversions, according to research. Weak copy fails to inspire action. Put effort into persuading visitors.1

In summary, compelling copy requires you to walk in your customer’s shoes. Avoid company-speak. Don’t overhype. Get to the point. Spell check. And above all, talk to the reader and cater to their needs. Keep these tips in mind as you write to boost engagement and conversions. Your visitors will appreciate copy that speaks their language and respects their time.

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