The Power of Words: How Freelance Writing Can Shape Your Future

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Once, Robert Frost said “There are no tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.” This line was so piercing for me. That’s the reason I always try to put the right emotion, and I try to convey it in the best possible way.

As a writer, our biggest goal is to make it simple- yet- effective for the readers. Google the same headline that I wrote, and you will get 1000 different yet similar articles that will tell you how to make money out of your writing skills, how to find clients for your writing, and how to write the best and monetizable content.

Everyone will give you the same generic ways to do this. Does that help you? No! Why? It’s so common, and the actionable steps are missing there. Before you dive deep, a heads up: This article will not be super exceptional, and you will not transform into a writing geek. Still, throughout this article, you will come to know what writing is, why writing is, and why you should choose writing in the era of AI.


Will AI Replace You as a Writer?

When you hear the term AI, don’t you get scared? Perhaps yes! But it would be best if you never forgot that people went through the Stone Age to the 21st century; nothing could replace human beings, and AI will not. Though you need to know those people learned various things and they use it to get better. Those who can use and apply will never be replaced.

As you are reading this article so intensely, I know that you are much more likely to turn out to be a writer. Everyone can write, but not everyone will be a content writer, as it requires the skill to convert people and captivate the audience.

Look around you; You will be able to see people who are into a side hustle; they are fading up with their 9-5, and now they want an escape. What is their first step? You don’t need to know, but be sure writing is one of them.

There are no hard and fast rules as such to be a content writer, but the skill is a must, and what else? I will share them before you wish! As in the gig economy, the demand for freelancers is higher than ever.
As freelance writers, we do research, edit, and prepare the set-up; it looks like a cakewalk from the outside until and unless you get into this, you won’t understand how difficult it is to go through the whole process and bring the best piece.

This article will not be something that will give you some random repetitive tips to be a good content writer; let’s work beyond that. I will try to highlight the things that are running in your mind, and you need to keep ticking beside them.

Sell Yourself

How many people you know have never written a single piece, yet they are thriving with a brand or an agency or working with other people? I bet you will find zero. Ask me why. As those who don’t know how to sell themselves, they will never be able to sell anything else. Whatever you might be aspiring for as a social media marketer or a performance marketer, you need to write good content that converts people to choose you over anyone else. It’s an art, and people only say yes to those who know how to communicate. Good communication really matters. Do you want to sell yourself? Be a writer! 

Writing Is Boring

Try to recall the day when you first went to school, and the last day you went to school; what are some changes you observed? On the very first day, school was boring for you, and the discipline seemed to be a prison for you; the final day brought tears to your eyes, as you are already aware of the fact that discipline formed the real ‘you’ those days are not going to come back, No one will tell you what to do and why, It’s all on you to choose the perfect task and make your future sign. 

Similarly, when you start writing, you will feel it’s a boring task; how can I spend 4 hours writing a 1000-word blog? How do I manage time, and how do I satisfy the clients? Let’s focus on social media marketing. It is highly rewarding; Social media marketing won’t give me more money. Let’s focus on video marketing. But once you understand the game and start having fun, instead of the irritation, You will produce the best content you can ever write. If you want to experience this, then be a writer. 


Build it from scratch

GoPro is the best video camera. Do you have any doubts? Of course not! But did you know that GoPro has never had the marketing budget that other brands have? Still, it is more popular than the X, Y, and Z brands. Why? Content is the answer. Most of the companies built from scratch with their content only. If you want to join the game where you will be writing content and the brand will be thriving with your words, then do join freelancing writing. Remember, brands can survive without a good logo or website, but they will never exist without good content. 

Write your own story

Do you follow Groww on social media? If you do, then you can understand before I say it further. Groww has a good voice, Aleena Rais. Groww is not the best platform to invest in, yet it is the most popular one. Why? It has a story to tell; Aleena is so good for her scripts, to the point, and useful for the viewers. Do you want to write a story in your name? A unique one? Then, start as a Freelance content writer. You can check Mukti Masih. 

Ready to pay your bills?

Open LinkedIn/Facebook and find any community of writers; don’t act, just observe. You will be able to see that people are posting jobs, and some of them are asking for projects. Some of them are asking to write for 20 paise, and some of them are happily working for 10 paise. Let’s come to the truth now: are the people really enjoying it, or are those people really getting benefits by paying that amount? No reaction.

Again, go to Linkedin and find some top profiles and find out their posts and read their posts so intensely; come back and search for writers/ghostwriters, and check they might have shared some success stories, aren’t they? They are talking about the $1000 deal and thriving. It’s on you to choose what makes your house, but if you want to make the money and pay the bills on your own, welcome to freelance content writing.

Don’t quit it now

Let’s come back to the point again: try to find those people who have a job, yet they write online to make extra bucks so they can dream of leaving their job. It looks fancy to get a job and see your family happy, but only those who do the job know how difficult it is to cope with this daily show-up with fewer rewards. 

People say that they have a regular income, no insecurities and all. But at the end of the day, they know what is going on with them. If you love these insecurities and all, don’t quit your job now. Make some bucks, get more confident enough, and then say goodbye to your job, and I will welcome you to the world of freelance content writing. Remember, your freelance career is more than your job as you will have only you who will take charge of everything. 

No money for days: 

Do you know people who start as freelancers who never see money in the first two or three months? It’s not as easy as you think to earn bucks. It takes time, dedication, and much more effort than you can think of! So, if you want to live in these uncertainties and write your own story, then welcome to freelance content writing. 

Start small, open a small Google blogger account, write something wild, don’t judge yourself, keep writing, and remember you are just writing, not content writing. Now focus on every tiny particle of your sentence, how you are writing, and how you can make it super awesome; brainstorm as much as you can. Find inspiration from YouTube, Google, and whatever you can in front of you. Add facts, images, and whatnot, and then boom, You have passed the first step of becoming a content writer. 

Are you ready for everything and anything?

Let’s take the reference of those people who are working for 10 paise or who are offering 20 paise per word. Do you know that in the initial days, you have to go through this? If you are ready, welcome to freelance content writing. As I repetitively said, writing is not marketing; writing is not lead generation; though you can do this all with your writing, you will sell your words to someone else.

But why do people give you gigs when there are people who are dominating the industry and some people who are working for less? If you are ready to be the exceptional among them, then you are super welcome. All you need to do is offer a no-brainer offer that will make people buy from you, not someone else. As you can offer them, I will do the first gig for free so that they won’t search the 100 others, so you already eliminated them. Now show them your quality and bingo! It includes your unique style and tone.

Nothing complex. Do it now!

Are you searching for the right course to learn content writing on Udemy? Maybe you are doing the best thing you are supposed to do according to the environment, but did you ever sit back and think about what you were really going to do? Helping someone with your words, right? So why don’t you give it a try before you proceed further? That sounds odd, I know.

Open a blank sheet and start writing; what to write? Well, write why you want to be a writer, who you will help with, how you can help, and why they need you, not someone else. You might think once you acquire your skills, then you think this all, No! You should have a vivid image of this all before jumping into this game. It’s a vast ocean, and you will not get a single second to think inside it. Think about it, and then put your legs in it.

Throughout this article, I tried to convey a simple message: writing is not a cup of tea for everyone; maybe you are a good writer but may not be a good content writer. I didn’t give you any tips; I just tried to identify some basic processes that you will go through once you join the game, and you came to know how likely you will continue this game and why you should be a writer.

How to write Better:

Follow these simple yet powerful steps. 


The introduction is your hook, the part that captures your readers’ attention, and give them what they are going to experience.


It is all about brainstorming and identifying the concept or topic of your content. It involves researching, exploring and taking inspiration.

First Draft

As I have said earlier, the first draft is yours and the final draft is your client’s. It is the first step, the best time to write freely write the garbage here and no need to make it perfect, no grammar no formatting nothing, just write it.


It is the stage where you will be reviewing and analyzing your content. It involves clarity, grammar, structure and overall quality. It is the stage where your write-up will be the best.


Writing is the best playground of practice, like any skill writing gets better with practice. You will be able to apply different writing formats, experiment with different skills and ultimately become a better writer. Write regularly and don’t forget the untold secret, ask for feedback.

Now, analyze my content throughout and identify the steps I have just shared. 

How much money can you make?

Some of you might skim through the whole article to read this point only, Though I would like to ask you to focus on the unconventional points. According to AmbitionBox, content writers’ salary in India is around 4.0 LPA.  As a freelance writer, you can make the same amount in a month, sounds fascinating? Then the works behind it to earn that should be more fascinating. If you are still in doubt go and check Tim Ferriss



Freelance Writing is not just writing some words. It includes time, effort, emotions, and whatnot. It is different from any other marketing component as it is the top-of-the-funnel thing; if your content is not attractive, no one will travel to the bottom of the funnel to buy the product. Content Writing is a marathon, not a sprint, So every moment, you need to learn, adapt, and grow.

Don’t be fascinated with the numbers interns show you; the numbers have years of experience, effort, and a blood-sweat cycle. You will showcase the same numbers after 3-4 years down the line only when you will follow the same. Write daily, put your emotions daily, and bring the best thing to which your target audience can relate. Don’t write just another piece of content.

Do let me know in the comment section what drives you into content writing.

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