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Hi there!
I am Anirban Das

It was 26th April 2019 when I started my YouTube channel; it was on gaming. The name was Noxious Veteran; it sounds so wired. Back in 2019, I was 17 years old, and it was fascinating for me then. I didn’t start my channel to earn bucks, but I bought my phone with 5000 rupees and wanted to make the most of it. I used to upload videos without minding the frequency or niche. I just used to record my screen while playing games with thousands of background noise, and I used to think I would wake up the next day with 1000 subscribers. Of course, It didn’t work out.

Well, I started my website, ‘Newsarticleofad.’ I used it for writing about my first interest, It was archaeology. In my childhood, I was fascinated by archaeology and the findings from the underground. Yes, you assumed it right; I was not following anything like YouTube, Consequence? I didn’t renew it for the second time, and it expired; it all happened between 2019 and 2020. Let’s jump to the year 2023.

Meanwhile, a lot happened. I passed out my diploma and joined the Btech college, but there was something that I loved but never utilized earlier, and of course, it was writing; I didn’t focus on improving it during the archaeological blog; I just used to write shit, find images (with source) and upload them. It was April 2023 when Digital Deepak introduced his modified internship in digital marketing; I didn’t think twice and jumped into it, and guess what? It was the turning point, the first time I went outside of my state on a 31-hour long train journey to Bengaluru for an event, and now I am not earning lakhs still, I am living the life I wanted; I am happy, and I have a website, I have an online identity. It is all about my story; I will keep updating it with new things that happen in my life.

I just recently interacted with Anirban for Outreach Services, To be honest, His skills to convince the prospects is commendable, Even his skills of going above and beyond is appreciable Thank you Anirban for Your great service
Darshan Popat
Founder, Exceptional Ad Agency